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Custom-Made Plunge Pools: Making Dreams Come True

When it comes to customized swimming pool solutions on the Sunshine Coast, no one does it better than we do. At Plunge Pools Sunshine Coast, we understand that every homeowner is unique, so we provide fully custom plunge pool designs tailored to your vision.

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Dream your Custom Pool Design

A luxury pool is more than just an addition to your home—it’s a lifetime asset. We pride ourselves on building luxury custom plunge pools using high-quality shotcrete material and guaranteed construction methods to ensure your pool not only stands the test of time but also retains its elegant look. Dive into luxury with us today.

We use shotcrete for our custom plunge pools! Find out more here.







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Licensed and fully insured pool builders serving the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, & the Gold Coast.

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The dream pool you always wanted at a price you can afford. Talk to us about our finance options!

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If you can dream it - we can make it come true. Backyard transformations are our speciality!


Custom Made Plunge Pools

Are you looking for a swimming pool that will fit beautifully within your compact outdoor space? Our tailor-made plunge pools could be the perfect solution. These unique, small-scale pools are ideal for a quick dip on a sweltering summer’s day or for unwinding after a tiring day at work. Our customization options are vast, including variations in size, shape, and the materials we use. Our experienced team is skilled in designing and building a bespoke pool that blends effortlessly with your existing backyard landscape.

Infinity Edge Plunge Pool

Add a touch of luxury to your Sunshine Coast backyard with our infinity edge plunge pool. This elegant and custom-designed pool is perfect for limited outdoor areas where traditional pools might not be suitable. The infinity edge feature adds a sophisticated touch to your outdoor space, creating an alluring visual illusion as water seemingly overflows into the surrounding scenery.

Magnesium Plunge Pool

Enhance your swimming experience with our magnesium plunge pools! With a host of health benefits like alleviating inflammation and soothing muscle tension, our magnesium pools take your relaxation to a whole new level. Read more about the advantages of mineral water swimming pools.  Learn more about the benefits of mineral water.


Custom Spa Pools

Are you dreaming of adding an element of tranquility to your backyard sanctuary? Our bespoke spa pools could be the ideal answer. Designed with utmost comfort and luxury in mind, these custom spa pools provide a rejuvenating experience for you and your family. Look forward to massaging jets that soothe tired muscles, and enjoy unwinding in your intimate spa after a taxing day. If you’re more into entertaining, consider our larger spas that are perfect for hosting guests. Our team is prepared to create a custom spa pool that ideally caters to your needs.

Infinity Edge Spa Pool

Enhance the allure of your Sunshine Coast backyard with our luxurious infinity-edge spa pool. Picture yourself unwinding in a heated, effervescent spa, absorbing the breathtaking panorama of your surroundings. With water appearing to spill over the edge and vanish into the horizon, our elevated infinity-edge spa pool conjures an illusion of infinity and tranquility.

Magnesium Spa Pool

Amplify your relaxation experience with our magnesium spa pools! Experience a variety of health advantages such as soothing inflammation and easing muscle tension. Discover the benefits of mineral water and seize our offer today. Reach out to us for more details on how you can enjoy a healthier and more rejuvenating pool.


Sunshine Coast Infinity Edge Pool Builders


Does the thought of owning an infinity edge pool entice you?

Our specialized team of infinity pool craftsmen on the Sunshine Coast designs an awe-inspiring visual masterpiece that is sure to captivate your visitors. An infinity pool blurs the line between the water and the surrounding scenery, orchestrating a breathtaking vista. We collaborate closely with you to curate a retreat that is both aesthetically pleasing and impeccably operational.

Infinity Pool Edge Design & Craftsmanship

The distinguishing feature of these pools is the infinity pool edge detail. The innovative construction makes it seem as if the water is effortlessly cascading over the edge, merging the pool with the backdrop. Our dedicated team of infinity edge pool artisans maintains a keen eye for detail, ensuring that your dream oasis is not only practical but also visually compelling.


Bespoke Lap Pools

A custom lap pool could be just the right match for you!

We pride ourselves on crafting custom lap pools and pool covers designed to your exact specifications. Our designs, long and streamlined, allow for comfortable lap swimming and a comprehensive full-body workout. Using high-quality shotcrete, we ensure that our lap pools are built for durability and longevity. Swimming, being a low-impact sport, can significantly benefit your cardiovascular health and assist you in maintaining fitness. Reach out to us today and embark on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Infinity Edge Lap Pool

Infinity edge lap pools epitomize the height of luxury and sophistication. Ideal for those desiring the sensation of an infinite horizon while engaging in their daily swim. The water melts with the skyline, creating a feeling of endlessness. These pools are excellent for those seeking to highlight their property’s natural beauty and panoramic views. You can create a unique haven in your backyard with custom designs and added features like cascading waterfalls, sun shelves, and fibre-optic illumination.


Swimming Pool Inside House

Looking to incorporate a touch of opulence into your residence with a custom pool inside your house?

Our team of specialists is prepared to assist you in constructing the ideal plunge pool within your home, one that harmoniously integrates with your home’s architecture and aesthetics. We provide an extensive selection of customization options, encompassing the pool’s shape, dimensions, and materials employed.

Visualize returning home after an exhaustive day to immerse yourself in the rejuvenating waters of your very own indoor pool.


Contemporary Freeform Pool Concepts

Are you looking for a design that exudes a more organic and fluid aesthetic?

Our ingenious backyard models may be precisely what you desire. Mimicking the natural contours and curves of lagoons or oases, our contemporary pools offer a soothing and inviting ambience. Our team is adept at crafting a freeform pool design that seamlessly fits into your backyard and enhances the surrounding scenery.

Freeform Pool Ideas

The realm of possibilities is vast: envision a lagoon-style oasis adorned with naturalistic rock formations, waterfalls, and verdant landscaping.

Alternatively, you might prefer a chic, modern design with crisp lines and geometric shapes.

A compact freeform pool can integrate features such as a built-in spa, a sunning ledge, or a beach-style entrance. Incorporating a swim-up bar or outdoor kitchen could transform your backyard into the ultimate entertaining area.

Do not forget the importance of lighting – with the correct illumination, your freeform pool can morph into a stunning spectacle once the sun sets. Regardless of your dream vision, our team of seasoned pool builders can bring it to fruition.

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Backed by years of experience and a zeal for crafting stunning, durable pools, we’re committed to collaborating with you to construct the custom pool you’ve always dreamt of.

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Your Future Magnesium Pool on the Sunshine Coast

Understanding A Magnesium Pool

A magnesium pool offers a myriad of advantages for its owners. Compared to conventional chlorine pools, the mineral water is gentle on both the skin and eyes and requires less upkeep. Moreover, the water has a silky smooth touch.

Living your dream has never been more effortless: dive into the sparkling clear water, relishing the luxury of your new way of life.

Magnesium Pool Benefits

The use of magnesium salt has grown increasingly popular due to the numerous benefits it brings. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body, and its therapeutic effects are magnified when used in a pool setting.

In summary, a magnesium swimming pool is an excellent investment for those looking to enhance their overall health and wellness.


Select From a Broad Spectrum of Colours

Our expansive colour variety offers a wealth of options, ensuring you find the perfect tile colour that aligns with your backyard’s aesthetic. We have what you need whether you’re drawn to serene blues or rich earthy hues.

Select from our tile options to curate the ideal backyard haven you’ll relish spending time in throughout the seasons. Reach out to us for our comprehensive colour palette!


Embracing Shotcrete Pool Technology

If you aspire to have a pool that promises longevity, shotcrete is the ideal material for you. Employed in many of the world’s most enduring pools, shotcrete is a premium material known for its durability.

Unlike conventional concrete, shotcrete is administered through a high-pressure hose, producing a robust and consistent finish. This ensures your pool remains resilient against frequent use and weather conditions.

Advantages of Opting for Shotcrete in Pool Construction Longevity and

Shotcrete’s adaptability allows it to fit any yard contour or slope. Along with its strength and versatility, shotcrete demands minimal upkeep, letting you relish your pool without concern for expensive repairs or maintenance. If a long-lasting pool is what you desire, request a quote for shotcrete pool installation today.


Reviews & Testimonials

Tom Tribe
Read More
Plunge Pools Sunshine Coast exceeded our expectations in every way. The process was smooth, causing minimal disruption to our daily life. The pool itself is amazing and has surpassed our expectations. Highly recommended!
Read More
The service provided by Plunge Pools Sunshine Coast, from start to finish, was excellent. I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering a pool. The entire team was professional and attentive throughout the process.
Allison T.
Read More
From the initial visit from the sales consultant to the finished product, the entire team at Plunge Pools Sunshine Coast was highly professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Special thanks to Alan, Patrick and everyone, for making our family very happy!
Michelle S.
Read More
Our restricted yard access made it seem optimistic to have an inground concrete plunge pool, but thanks to Plunge Pools Sunshine Coast, nothing was too much trouble. Patrick and Alan provided guidance and advice on the best shape and design for our pool, and once we approved the quote, the build started quickly. They resolved any small issues that arose easily and ensured that all the peripherals, like the filter and sanitizer placement, blended seamlessly. If you're unsure about how a pool can fit in your yard, leave it to them. They will figure it out and do all the hard work.
Jordan W.
Read More
My experience with Plunge Pools Sunshine Coast was outstanding. Alan is incredibly knowledgeable and provided excellent service throughout the entire process. The spa is of great quality, and the after-sales service has been exceptional. I highly recommend them for anyone in search of a top-quality spa and outstanding customer service.
Evelyn S.
Read More
I cannot recommend Alan and Patrick enough. The whole team at Plunge Pools Sunshine Coast were exceptional throughout the entire process. Alan patiently answered all my questions and guided me through the process with expertise. Patrick ensured that construction was completed according to plan, and Alan provided me with in-depth knowledge about the equipment during the handover. From day one to completion, everyone was professional, patient, and highly skilled. Thank you for making the experience seamless.

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